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  Fancy a Star Wars droid in your classroom?

Imagine that this droid can provide both students and teachers with a friendly, personable and productive learning and technological experience.

Imagine also that this droid can sense its environment and be able to react, and like a human, be able to move around obstacles.

Meet the HE-Robot™ by Heathkit

UTTS promotes the Heathkit line of Robotic Trainers. Decades ago, Heathkit was the pioneer and leader in Robotic educational technology introducing their range of revered HERO1 and HERO 2000 series to the world of Robotics.

Recently released, the HE-Robot™ provides students with the opportunity to learn the components and circuitry of Robotics, with the most "user friendly" and technologically smart robot available for classrooms today.

To meet HE-Robot™, contact UTTS now.

Uses industry standard PC hardware & software
80Gb hard drive
Mini-ITX mainboard with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Windows XP Professional
Compact design
Height 21in  Weight 55lb
Host computer or web server capabilities
Navigation controlled manually (mouse or keyboard) or by joystick (cabled or wireless)
Autonomous mobility capability
Logitech webcam
CD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive
USB Machine Management Module (M3)
Ultra bright LED headlights
Multiple IR sensors
Computer bay speakers


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