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Are you looking for hands-on introduction to mechanical type training systems which encompass the principles of hydraulics, pneumatics and engineering systems?

UTTS represents Hampden Engineering, TII-Tech and P-A Hilton in the field of Mechanical Type Training Systems. From large fully operational transportable trainers demonstrating Rotating Machines, CNC's, Steam Turbines, Environmental and Plumbing, to Bench Top Trainers, to suit the requirements of Universities, Secondary, Industry, Military and Technical Institutes around the globe.


Some of Hampden's mechanical engineering systems
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TII-Tech's Suitcase Trainers
Select from Pneumatics, Mechanics in Power Transmission and Hydraulics


Steam Generator & Service Module

Steam Turbine Module


PA Hilton's bench top systems demonstrate the basic principles
of steam generators and turbines


Hampden Engineering, TII-Tech and PA Hilton stand to service your requirements with quality hardware, courseware and software via UTTS. The systems are available in metric or imperial gauges along with conservative courseware.

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