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Did you say teaching topics such as Electronics and Telecommunications is a difficult task?

Did you know that NIDA Corporation leads the world in Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) ensuring your students are well-equipped with the necessary skills in this technologically driven world?

UTTS represents NIDA in the field of computer based training for the delivery of Electrical, Telecommunications and similar subjects.
NIDA Corporation has over 3,000 hours of CAI delivery which incorporates a fully comprehensive Mathematics Program.
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Apart from CAI, NIDA is at the forefront of training utilising Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

View details of the Model 5050 Console displayed here.

UTTS also represents Hampden Engineering, Heathkit, Man&Tel and Real Games all of which cover, from the very basic to the most advanced training systems for the delivery of Electrical, Electronic, Telcommunications, Rotating Machines, PLC's and other specialized equipment in this area.

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Visit Man&Tel for their electronics training systems.

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