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Would you like to enhance students' learning and technical skills?
Would you like them to have the convenience of progressing at their own pace?
Would you like to be able to offer courses to students who are in remote areas?


UTTS supplies NIDA's web-based courseware online. NIDA is at the forefront of education online delivering e-learning curriculum for the fast paced digital era.

NIDA's online courseware is in a SCORM-compliant and NIDA-compliant web format. SCORM (
Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a collection of standards and specifications for e-learning. NIDA's strict compliance means efficiency in curriculum delivery across different network platforms.

Click the links below to view some of these online courses:

Ohm's Law & Power
Series Circuits
RC and RL Time Constants
Junction Diodes
Binary to 7-Segment Conversion
8086 Microprocessor Circuit
Stepper Motors

The above are only a few. NIDA is rapidly taking all of its courseware online. Contact UTTS now for the full list.


UTTS is the exclusive Australian distributor for ATT Training. ATT developes premium multimedia e-learning materials for automotive training.

ATT's virtual learning environment is SCORM compliant, making it network and user-friendly in TAFE and trade colleges.

Preparation time reduced or eliminated
Self learning-individualized curriculum
Assignments and self-assessments
Multiple-choice questions linked to course
Interactive multimedia to aid learning
Master copy DVD available to colleges
Web access also available
Structured to match existing Oz programs

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