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Are you coaching students and wanting to give them the technical skills they require for employment in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry?

UTTS is able to assist with all your requirements associated with Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Instrumentation Training.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Training Systems


Commercial Refrigeration Trainer from Hampden Engineering

The H-CRT-4 Commercial Refrigeration Trainer provides students with a thorough understanding of the refrigeration cycle.

This includes the principles of pressure, vacuum, flow rate and temperature.

Fault Package (Electrical)

Hampden Model H-CRT-4
Commercial Refrigeration System Trainer
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The Hampden Model H-ACT-1 Air Conditioning System Trainer is based on R-410A refrigerant.

R-410A is an efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant.
Designed to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the systems used in residential and commercial applications.
The system components are panel mounted and provide easy access for testing and troubleshooting.
Available with options below


1. H-ACT-MP Instrument Package
2. H-ACT-FP-10E Electrical Fault Package
3. H-ACT-TC Digital Temperature Module with thermocouples

Hampden Model H-ACT-1
Air Conditioning System Trainer
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UTTS specializes in quality Hampden Engineering transportable refrigeration training systems that can be customized to suit your special requirements.


Hampden's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning training programs, which ranges from basic principles through to advanced industrial systems, utilize actual commercial components throughout.

These training programs follow curriculum guidelines developed by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

Click here to view practical hands on mobile training equipment for refrigeration & cooling.

Hampden Engineering, in conjunction with UTTS, stands ready to assist you with your requirements in these specialized areas. We are flexible with Metric or Imperial Curriculum and have the right solutions for airconditioning and refrigeration courseware.

Contact UTTS now for a discussion or enquiry.

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