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Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
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Main Cover
Australian Government - Dept Education, Employment & Workplace Relations - UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Part 1
NIDA Model 130-E
NIDA Model 360-S
NIDA Model 5050-PLC

 1. NIDA Skills & Knowledge
 2. NIDA Drawings, Diagrams & Schedules
 3. NIDA Electromagnetic Devices & Circuits
 4. NIDA Direct Current Circuits
 5. NIDA Single Phase Input DC Power Supplies
 6. NIDA Programmer Controllers - 5050 Trainer
 7. NIDA Photovoltaic LV Installations - 360 Trainer
 8. NIDA Telecommunications, Telephony & Switching
 9. NIDA Elect Circuit & Equip Faults & Fault Finding Tech - 360 Trainer
10. NIDA Microprocessor Equipped Devices
11. NIDA Photovoltaic Power Systems - 360 Trainer

Part 2
HAMPDEN ENGINEERING Equipment Alignment for UEEII Package

  1. HAMPDEN Electrical Circuit Trainers
  2. HAMPDEN Residential Remote Control Switching Trainer
  3. HAMPDEN Residential/Commercial Remote Control Switching Trainer
  4. HAMPDEN Home Audio, Video & Surveillance Control Wiring Trainer
  5. HAMPDEN Switchgear Trainer
  6. HAMPDEN Wiring Service Board Trainer
  7. HAMPDEN Electronic Telephone System Trainer
  8. HAMPDEN EmergencyLighting, FireAlarm, Elect Heat, Clock Systems
  9. HAMPDEN Hydraulic Trainer
10. HAMPDEN Motor Control Trouble Shooting Trainer
11. HAMPDEN Fractional Horsepower Motor Assembly Kits
12. HAMPDEN NEI Trainers
13. HAMPDEN Process Loop Trainers
14. HAMPDEN Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trainer
15. HAMPDEN Mobile Refrigeration Trainer
16. HAMPDEN  Air Conditioning Control System
17. HAMPDEN Photovoltaic Installers Trainer
18. HAMPDEN Smart Grid Trainers

NIDA 360s Course Chart  (Quick reference guide)
NIDA 360s Objective Listing  (Comprehensive guide)

NIDA HTML Course Chart
NIDA HTML Objective Listing

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